October 13, 2015

Airport Transfers In New York

airport bus transportation New York


Air travel can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re looking for an easy fix to get around one of the most exciting cities in the world once you have arrived at your destination, look no further than booking an airport transfer in NYC charter bus. We believe that your trip can be simpler and more enjoyable when you have booked your arrangements in advance so that you can experience a seamless experience after you leave the airport.

We’ve been helping people get to and from the airports in this bustling city for years, and we know how concerning it can be to worry about keeping track of all the bags and people.


Getting Around with Comfort and Style

Whether you’re working on a family reunion or a corporate event, booking a charter bus is one of the easiest solutions to help you keep track of all the details so that you don’t have to fear anything. The airports in NYC are always busy, and it can be hard to figure out which travel solution is right for you.

No matter what service is leading you to get help with a transfer from a New York airport, consider renting our United Coach Line buses. Your airport transfer services should make you feel at ease when traveling into or out of New York City. We believe that we are the best choice of transport available to and from the three main airports in New York City; JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia.


Traveling Between JFK And Manhattan

The busiest and largest of all the New York City area airports is John F. Kennedy airport. It handles many international flights coming into the New York City area. So if you are traveling from overseas, this will more than likely be your destination. Trying to plan a trip after you get off the plane is probably the next question you have after booking your tickets.

Since so many planes come in and out of here, it can be a shock to realize how hard it can be without a charter bus to try to get your small or large group into the city. A charter bus rental in NYC, however, can help you with your New York airport transfer so that you minimize downtime and decrease the chances of anyone getting lost or confused.

Trying to get a large group around Manhattan can be challenging if you don't have support from a company familiar with airport transport NYC. Our airport transfers in New York company is familiar with getting you from one place to the other safely, quickly and conveniently.


What We Offer on Your Coach Ride from the Airport

United Coach Line provides airport transfers from all airports. We prevent additional stress that you could be facing due to your travel by looking at and tracking all flights.

We may be able to tell before your flight even lands that you are delayed or are coming in early. This means that your airport transfer in NYC is ready and waiting for you when you need it, and you will be satisfied and feel safe and secure as well as comfortable.

Trying to navigate a large group through New York City or Brooklyn can be a challenge, but when you partner with United Coach Line, you'll know that you are being taken care of with a best in class service.

Although there might be slightly cheaper options to get around New York City, these are nearly impossible when you have a large group of people and are trying to keep them all together and make sure that no one is lost or loses their luggage in the process. Once you load all of the luggage on to your NYC charter bus, you will know that you are ready to hit your next destination and can keep everyone as organized as possible.


Make Travel Simple Again with United Coachline

Many people can be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of New York City, but as soon as you land and get off your plane from JFK or any of the other New York airports, you'll know that your airport transport NYC is there to guide you through the process and help navigate the traffic.

You don't have to worry about anything when you decide to transfer from New York airport with United Coach Line. We help to plan all of the details and keep your itinerary organized, while also having all of your bags on the same bus. This means that there's very little chance that someone or someone's belongings will get lost.

You don't need one more thing to worry about when traveling into New York City. Make your travel arrangements as smooth as possible by partnering with United Coach Line. Our representatives will meet you at the baggage claim and assist you with baggage handlings so that you can be personally escorted to your luxury coach.

Our punctual, professional and courteous drivers are there to take you to your destination after picking you up from the airport. You want to have a great experience on your airport transfer and you'll have plenty of leg room and have the ride as enjoyable as possible.


Coming Back from A Trip

If you're planning to return from a trip and go back to a New York airport, meeting in a central location and having one charter bus to help bring you to the airport will reduce the chance that anyone will be left behind or experience unnecessary nerves surrounding your return trip. Getting all around New York City with a charter bus is much easier when you can rely on a driver who has been doing this for many years.

You deserve to have a positive experience when traveling into or out of New York, and at United Coach Line it is our biggest goal to keep you safe, comfortable and happy during your travel. Attempting to negotiate other travel arrangements, especially if you have a large group or have the need to stay on time at all destinations, can be difficult.

A transfer from New York airport with United Coach Line, however, can make it much easier to streamline your trip. Even as the travel manager trying to keep track of several

dozen people, it will be much easier when you partner with United Coach Line to develop an itinerary that is directly in line with what you and your group needs.


Stress-Free Fun in NYC

You can plan your United Coach Line airport bus transfer in advance by contacting us so that we can begin to create a custom itinerary just for you. You'll know that you'll be well taken care of and that everyone will get the most out of the trip by creating these timelines, schedules and pick up points well in advance.

You don't have to worry about navigating any of the traffic around New York City and you'll also know that you'll be safe, comfortable and taken care of, whether you're getting an airport transfer into New York City or out of New York City to begin your journey. Schedule a consultation with United Coach Line today to talk about whether you want to take your church, corporate, family or other groups into or out of New York City with an airport transfer.


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If our plane is late, how long you will wait for us at the airport?

One hour

How Do I Book Your Airport Transfers?

United Coachline offers the most stylish and comfortable way to transfer between airports in NYC. Move between JFK and LaGuardia in a luxurious and spacious charter bus. Sit back, store your luggage in the ample storage area, connect to the onboard wifi, and enjoy your ride. Booking your airport transfer minibus or charter bus is extremely simple. All you need to do is fill out the form on the website, and we’ll get back to you. If you need a quick quote, give us a call at 718-761-4033.

How Much Does an Airport Transfer Shuttle Bus Cost?

The cost of an airport transfer shuttle bus depends on a number of factors, including the specific model, additional services required, and amenities desired. We have a diverse fleet that can meet the requirements of many different travelers and groups. Of course, different units have different prices. We offer units at different sizes as well, so the total number of passengers is a determining factor. Pricing structure (by the hour or by the mile) also matters. To get a quote, give us a call and provide the specifics of your airport transfer.

Are You Cheaper Than Uber Airport Transfer?

As Uber has variable rates and prices, the question can be tricky to answer without specifics. That said, Uber has a considerably lower limit to how many passengers a unit can seat. For large enough parties, our charter mini-buses and full-size buses are definitely cheaper than splitting up in a bunch of Ubers. Even mid-sized parties that would have to take a very large Uber may be better off with one of our comfortable mini-buses.

How much is a shuttle from JFK to Manhattan?

At United Coachline, we provide the most luxurious mode of transportation for travelers moving between JFK and Manhattan. We have several different units available for groups of any size. Each unit comes equipped with features like high-speed WiFi, flatscreen TVs, and power outlets.

Prices for a shuttle from JFK to Manhattan will ultimately depend on the size of the group, and the unit selected. Price structuring (payment per mile or payment per hour) will also influence the price. For a specific quote, please give us a call! We’ll happily answer all your questions.

Can you take the subway from JFK to Manhattan?

NYC’s subway is a convenient way for millions of passengers to move around the city every day, at low cost. However, at the moment there’s no subway line directly connecting JFK and LaGuardia airports.

To get from JFK to Manhattan, you need a train transfer to the airtrain at JFK, then another transfer in Queens. For those not versed in NYC subway transit times, that’s about an hour to an hour and a half’s worth.

What to do when you come back from Travelling?

After you return home from your trip, you may require an airport transfer, or simply, transportation from the airport. Whether you’re trying to transfer on your way back home, or just want a comfortable ride home, we can help.

United Coachline chartered buses and minibuses can assist you both in your airport transfers and transportation to and from airports. Simply get in touch with us, let us know the size of your group, and we’ll book your unit immediately.


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