January 31, 2018

NYC Charter Bus Rental for Amusement Parks

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Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned road trip to an amusement park?

Amusement parks are an iconic entertainment venue, for children and adults alike. From whole families to entire companies, amusement parks are a great way to bring people together.

However, great trips require great plans. From figuring out routes and stops along the way to detailed logistics, having an amusement park plan is crucial.

Making a solid plan isn’t easy, though. You need to think of travel times, drivers, safety, assorted travel requirements, and more. Planning an amusement park trip can turn out almost as stressful as the work you’re taking a break from!

There are ways to make your amusement park expeditions painless, though. United Coachline lets you enjoy all the fun bits while minimizing the busywork involved. In this article, we’ll review the many ways that United Coachline can help with your amusement park plans.


Take Advantage of the Travel Time

United Coachline lets you rent a bus for a trip to world-famous amusement parks, such as Bush Gardens, Universal, Disney, Six Flags, and more. When you charter a bus with United Coachline, you can forget about issues like driving, parking, carpooling, and the like.

That leaves you that much more time to take advantage of the travel time, whatever that means for you. Enjoy the scenic routes, spend your time bonding, enjoy team activities, or simply sit back and relax.

A great way to use that extra time is to further your on-site planning. The road provides you with an opportunity to figure out the logistics of your amusement park trip. Plan out your activities, rides, guided tours, and more using the onboard high-speed WiFi.



Make Sure to Handle the Logistical Planning

Chartering a United Coachline bus means you don’t have to worry about the travel logistics. You won’t need to plan travel times, stops to refuel or pick up a bite. There’s still considerable logistical planning to take care of, though.

Depending on the season, amusement parks can get quite crammed. Make sure you take that into consideration when estimating wait times. Plan your amusement rides and schedules accordingly.

Moving from one attraction to the closest one is usually not a very efficient route. Try to visit the most popular rides very early, or very late in the day. Midday tends to see the longest lines, especially for the most popular attractions.


Participants Can Enjoy a Safe and Comfortable Ride

Driving a group of people across long stretches of highway is quite a task. The best thing about chartering a bus for your amusement park trips is enjoying a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride. 

The road can be quite taxing for drivers. On a chartered bus, you don’t have to worry about traffic, exits, or turn signals. Simply pack a cooler with your snacks of choice, and be ready to get picked up. It’s the ideal amusement park experience.

Furthermore, it saves you from having to make the drive back on your own after an exhausting day of attractions. It’s both the most comfortable and the safest way to visit amusement parks.


For all types of your travel requirements, our fleet of bus rides are just a phone call away: 888-982-8737


Why You Should Charter a Bus From United Coachline

There are ample reasons to pick United Coachline as your charter bus supplier for your next amusement park trip. United Coachline’s dedicated fleet of charter buses include all the amenities you could need on your way to the amusement park.

That includes TV sets on all our buses, onboard high-speed WiFi, restrooms, and all the storage space you could need. You can explore United Coachline’s fleet to select your own bus, or ask the company to choose one for you.


Amusement Park Trip with United Coachline FAQs

The following are some of the most common questions from our customers regarding their amusement park plans.

How Many Seats Does a Bus for the Amusement Park Feature?

United Coachline charter buses have different seating arrangements, depending on the specific model in question. Their seating capacity ranges from 39 to 56 passengers.

How Do You Plan an Amusement Park Trip?

Planning an amusement park trip involves several steps. You need to plan your route to and from the park (or charter a bus with United Coachline). You also need to work out your in-site route.

That means figuring out what rides or attractions you will visit, and in what order. It also means figuring out when and where you will take food breaks and such.

A well-planned trip should also have some flexibility and room to adapt to certain scenarios, like very long lines at some attractions.


How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Amusement Park Charter Bus?

Several factors will determine the ultimate cost of renting a charter bus for your amusement park expeditions. The size of the bus and number of passengers, the distance traveled, and total driving time with stops along the way. Additional onboard features, like wifi and air conditioning, will also affect rates. Companies will usually have several options in their fleet to match different budgets. Average prices tend to be around $100-$200 per hour for a charter bus or around $3-$6 per mile.

Do Your Amusement Park Charter Buses Have Bathrooms in Them?

A road trip to an amusement park is a long way to go without a bathroom. You’d have to keep making stops along the way, making you spend even more time on the road. That’s why every charter bus at United Coachline features onboard restrooms. We want your charter bus experience to be as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. No matter what unit you decide to rent, rest assured, you’ll have onboard restrooms!

Will I Be Able to Charge My Phone in Your Amusement Park Charter Bus?

Our charter buses are designed to provide you with everything you need in order to enjoy your amusement park trip. That includes the ability to plan out the logistics of your park visit while on board. In order to do that, all of our units are equipped with onboard high-speed wifi. Most of our fleet is also equipped with charging ports for you to connect your phone or tablet. We make it easy for you to stay connected, find information, and plan out your schedule.