5 Tips For Making Traveling With A Youth Sports Team Smoother

Everything involved in planning a trip with your sports team can be extremely stressful. Budgets, transportation, roll call, equipment checks, and more can be enough for anyone to lose their mind. Luckily, we are here to help the planning go smoother.

We have some of the best luxury charter buses to offer for you and your team to ride in comfort and style for every away game or tournament. By explaining our services as well as other traveling tips, your stress will melt away within no time when planning a bus rental for your sports team.

Initial Planning

Planning ahead can save you a lot of time and stress in preparation. When an upcoming trip is approaching, it is essential to plan out the route, bathroom breaks, and meal stops. Before doing any of this, though, determine how many people you’ll be transporting in total so you can get the right size charter bus. You’re more than likely getting a full-size or mid-size transport.

The full-size buses can hold up to 56 passengers with plenty of storage and legroom for everyone. They also feature wifi, wall outlets for charging electronic devices, large flat-screen TVs, and an onboard bathroom. 

The mid-size buses can fit 39 passengers and also feature plenty of legroom and storage. They also have wifi, wall outlets, large flat-screen TVs, and Bluetooth audio. There is also an onboard bathroom on these buses.

Reserve Your Transportation Ahead Of Time On A Team Bus

Once you know the exact dates of the or tournaments, you should plan to reserve your bus rental for your sports time as quickly as possible to avoid any potential issues with transit. This will ensure the availability of the correct size bus for your group. This also makes sure that there are drivers available for the dates you are requesting.

Create A Budget

Creating a budget can help you spend your money wisely without going over a predetermined amount. This is why it is crucial to plan ahead so you can create a budget for you and your team. You will most likely need to plan money for food, the hotel, transportation, equipment, registration fees, some spending money, and other necessary things.

“If your team and your school’s supporters are looking for a perfect symbol to rally behind before a game, consider a bus!”

Create A List Of Essentials To Pack And Distribute It To Your Team

Both kids and adults forget things consistently, so make sure to create a list of must-haves for your trip and distribute it to your whole team so that everyone can easily check off items and be confident they haven’t forgotten anything. If you’d like to look at our packing guide to help give you some ideas to start your own list, please check it out!

Included on our list are essential items you should never forget, such as portable charges, personal medications, a first aid kit, water, and more. We want to ensure you and your time can rest easy, knowing you are fully prepared for your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Booking a Charter Bus for My Team Expensive?

  • Yes, but the cost of the bus can be split between the team members and coaches, so it’s a more manageable expense. United Coachline also features some of the lowest charter bus prices. 

Will There Be Enough Storage on the Bus for My Team’s Bags?

  • Yes, there is storage beneath the bus as well as inside the bus for all of your team’s equipment.

Is Renting a Bus for My Sports Team a Safe Option?

  • Yes, our buses are secure and allow your team to travel in comfort.