December 18, 2019

Bus Rental for Sports Team

If your team and your school’s supporters are looking for a perfect symbol to rally behind before a game, consider a bus.

A sports team charter bus has the functional role of taking players, coaches, other boosters, and gear from Point A to Game B. It’s an affordable and practical option as well for schools looking for smart ways to save on costs to play in away games.

From a team perspective, however, a sports team charter bus is an even better idea: it’s the equivalent of a mobile pep rally. As long as passengers obey all of the driver’s safety rules, they can spend the entire ride getting pumped for the coming competition, whether it’s quietly motivating themselves or cheering with the whole group.

Getting everyone together for an extended trip for the competition can be great for team morale and create good memories as well, regardless of how the actual game goes.

Bus rentals for your sports team

Bus rentals for your sports team









Schools often look at costs first and renting a sports team charter bus usually pencils out nicely. There usually aren’t too many distant away games per season for sports teams, so it doesn’t make a lot of financial sense to own and operate one all year long. Plus, a school-owned bus will likely rack up plenty of mileage and wear-and-tear, but a rental bus is usually well-maintained and in great condition.

Renting a bus for one occasion is usually quite affordable — lots of people and gear can fit and schools can consider splitting the costs with other nearby teams to fill a few more seats.

Luxury rides for the champs

Besides the social value of getting the whole team together, a sports team bus rental can be a good way to get players not to think about the upcoming game but not stress too much about it. They can enjoy the journey in clean, comfortable seats with lots of legroom, with the opportunity to occasionally get out and stretch at scheduled stops. Maybe some will take naps, maybe some will enjoy music on their headphones, and maybe people will chat with their seatmates or move around when it’s safe.

The return trip can be just as relaxing – they’ve played hard and can use the chance to celebrate, reflect or relax – or all of the above, depending on the length of the trip back home.

Certainly, players can travel to and from their away games in private car caravans, vans, or carpools, but this definitely creates a different and less enjoyable experience than having everyone riding together in style. Add in coaches and other boosters, and everyone can have a great time.


Choose United Coachline for premium sports transportation

If you’re seeking transportation options for your school or club, consider United Coachline. The family-owned luxury charter bus company has been proudly serving the New York, New Jersey and Long Island areas for 20 years.

Our fleet of full-size and mid-size charter buses can be a smart choice for any athletic competition. There is lots of legroom in each seat, which is great for taller players or those who simply prefer being able to stretch out a little more. The seats are comfy, which means players will be ready to give their all when they get to their destination rather than feeling cramped and having tight muscles after being in a cramped car or van for an extended period of time.

Our charter buses are also equipped with especially useful features, including a bathroom, handy for long trips. There are a variety of mounted flat-screen TVs as well, where people can watch movies, shows or videos, which can all make the ride go a little faster.

The whole charter has high-speed Internet connectivity, and there are power outlets at every seat so people never have to worry about running out of charge for their phones, computers, tablets or other readers during the trip.

United Coachline focuses on creating a great customer service experience for everyone. 

“You will feel like VIP guests pulling into your event aboard one of these beautiful coaches, not to mention being treated like VIP by our exceptional staff.”


The best bus rides for your team

Leaving the driving to a professional charter bus driver rather than a coach or parent is an excellent way to help the coach relax too. They can also use the opportunity to get themselves psyched up before a big game and maybe even be able to give a pep talk to the team, rather than getting stressed about traffic or directions.

Team members will also appreciate the experience of having a comfortable experience coming and going.

To learn more about how United Coachline can provide a bus rental for sports team or to book one, please contact us at (844) 394-4430 or