February 5, 2020

Charter Bus Rental Long Island

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to travel? Want to get your group to and from Long Island without having to stress over all the details? In this article, you’ll more about why it makes sense to use a charter bus rental in NYC and how to pick the right charter bus Long Island company. You’ll know you’re in good hands when you find the best company to partner with; you’ll know the details of your trip upfront, be able to plan ahead easily, and won’t have to worry about how you’ll organize a big group trip there. Whether it’s for a church event, bachelor party, or other gathering, you can travel safely and in style.

We can help you pick the best way to travel and we know that we’ve got a bus that will fit what’s ideal for your group. We aim to make planning simple and enjoyable so that you can really enjoy the trip, too. You’ll have all the key details to communicate to your group so that everyone has a lot to look forward to with your upcoming trip to Long Island. 

Discover a Comfortable Way to Travel

Imagine a road trip and you probably think about one you had as a child where you were crammed in the back row of a van or bouncing around on a school bus. Gone are the days when road travel means discomfort- now you can travel with ease when you choose to use the services of a charter bus Long Island company.

Imagine a comfortable seat, a nice temperature, and a smooth ride all the way to your destination in Long Island. Imagine not having to worry about plotting out all the tops. Imagine not having to worry about parking when you do get there. Or having to worry about whether everyone will be able to find the right vehicle when it’s time to head home.

That’s right: imagine that as the trip organizer you actually get to enjoy the event because you know all the safety and key details are already taken care of.

The Luxury Charter Bus

Our luxury charter bus options make it a breeze to schedule your trip. Your group will be raving about how simple it was and how comfortable they were on the trip. It will make it easy to get everyone set up and organized for the trip.

We’ve got an entire fleet of busses that are perfect for the size of your trip and the ideal comfort level. We’ve got a 56 passenger bus that has WiFi, bathrooms, flat screen TVs, and wall outlets. That means everyone can make the most of the trip to and from the destination while also feeling like they got a VIP experience.

The Best Charter Bus Transportation from Long Island to NYC

No matter why you want to get to Long Island, our charter bus rental company is here to help. We’ll help you create a custom trip. And you won’t have to worry about anything because we make it simple for you. From luxurious rides to extremely safe drivers, you’ll get your group to your stop on time and without worry. It’s why we’ve earned a reputation as the best in the industry and why so many groups look to us for the best experience.

Something to Know About Charter Bus Rental in Long Island

Most people assume that a charter bus trip is outside their budget, but that’s rarely true! We know we have many options in our fleet so that you can decide on the best group size and the bus to go along with it.

How Many Seats Does a Coach Have on a Large Fleet? Even if your group is smaller and you only need a mini bus, we can walk you through your options as soon as you contact us about a charter bus rental Long Island trip. We’ll make sure you’ve got room for everyone and that you feel good about what you’ve booked. Our biggest busses can accommodate up to 56 people. This gives you the information you need to decide on the cap of your trip and can help you make the most of your budget from the beginning.

How Far is It From Manhattan to Long Island? Depending on traffic, it can take anywhere from an hour and twenty minutes up to two hours. We’ll help you pick the ideal time for pickup and dropoff.

How Far in Advanced Do We Need to Book? We’re a very popular company due to our reputation, but we also have a large fleet. For maximum options, contact us about Long Island charter bus rental a few months in advance. But if your trip is sooner- reach out to see what’s available! 


How much does it cost to charter a bus in long island?

When chartering a bus in Long Island, the price you end up paying depends on many different things. For one, you have to consider the size of the bus and the total number of passengers. The number of stops and features available also weigh in.

Prices on average are around $150-$200 per hour for a charter bus. Alternatively, buses can be priced per mile, usually at about $3-$6 per mile. Minibuses are slightly less costly.

How much does it cost to rent a tour bus for a week in long island?

Renting a tour bus for a week in Long Island can be less expensive than you’d think! Both minibuses and full-sized charter buses can be rented on a per hour, or per mile basis.

The total cost will depend on whether you need the bus constantly available throughout the day. Otherwise, you can schedule specific times for pickups and drop-offs to coordinate your whole tour. To get a particular quote, you’ll have to call up and explain your needs in detail.

Can I rent a charter bus without a driver in long island?

That’s a negative. United Coachline chartered buses, and minibuses offer a luxurious, hands-off experience to passengers. Highly trained professional drivers with years of experience sitting behind the wheel. Drivers are extremely safe and frequently subjected to drug testing.

For both insurance and safety reasons, all the units in our fleet must be rented along with a professional driver. This allows everyone to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride from the passenger’s point of view.