December 24, 2019

New Jersey Charter Bus Rental and Minibus Rental

Charter buses may not immediately come across as very glamorous to most people. They may think of outdated vehicles with moth-bitten and uncomfortable seats. But today’s charter bus companies in New Jersey are stepping up their game, offering rides that will instantly add some class to your plans. Whether you’re going across town or across the state, group travel doesn’t have to be as stressful as you’re making it!

Not only does a charter bus take care of the driving and simplify the schedule, it’s also a supremely comfortable way to get around. Instead of crowding onto a public bus or having everyone arrange their own transportation, you’re giving passengers a chance to relax and enjoy. When you’re organizing a group outing, a charter bus ensures that everyone arrives and departs together. Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat or a class trip to a museum, see how a charter bus can be a treat for both you and all passengers.

Charter Bus Rentals with Customized Services

Charter bus companies New Jersey can be ordered specifically for your outing. Are you going to be on the road for a while? You may want to spring for a bus with a bathroom and a few flat-screen televisions. This will reduce the likelihood of unscheduled stops, and keep people entertained throughout the trip. Are you hosting a boisterous bachelor party? You may want a bus with a serious speaker system. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find what you need right here. We can help you select a charter bus and services based on everything from the party size to the reason for the get-together.

The Way the Pros Travel to New Jersey

The pros know that they don’t need a private town car or a ride-share to get to New Jersey. It’s far more convenient and comfortable to have room to stretch out and relax. When you’re sitting on a luxury charter bus, you don’t notice the traffic, construction, or angry drivers outside. Whether you’re working, watching a movie, or just resting your eyes, you and your guests can take it easy when you’re trying to get from one destination to the next.

Explore the Jersey Shore — Beaches, Boardwalks and More

The Jersey Shore is stuffed with food, fun, and festivities. It’s famous for its impromptu parties both inside and out. From the bars to the playgrounds to the spectacular sunrises on the shore, a charter bus rental New Jersey gives you an easy way to zip back and forth to the best hotspots in town. Plus, no one has to worry about having a second drink when someone else is taking over the driving.

“Our timely, safe and professional bus rides are just a phone call away — for all your travel needs.” (Give a contact number).

Hire the Best Charter Bus services in New Jersey and Have One Less Thing to Worry About!

Safety, cost-efficiency, eco-friendly: there are so many reasons to take a charter bus. You won’t have to worry about whether you’re in good hands because you can rest easy when you book with us. Our drivers know New Jersey backward and forward — literally! Our drivers make these trips all the time, and do everything in their power to avoid accidents and ensure a smooth ride. If you’re looking for charter bus companies in New Jersey, you won’t find a better solution.


Whether you’ve used charter buses before or this is your first time, keep the following in mind before you book.

How many seats does a charter bus have?

The size of a charter bus depends on what it was designed for. Some are made for large groups while others are more appropriate for limited parties. If you’re entertaining VIP clients, a large luxury bus with around 25 seats is an excellent way to impress even the most discerning professionals. If you’re just transporting a few people from the airport, you can choose an even smaller bus to fit your needs.

How many days in advance does the charter bus service need to be booked?

It depends on what you’re looking for. It will take longer to coordinate a multi-day outing than a quick trip to-and-from the beach. If you have last-minute requests, we’ll do everything we can to work with you.

How many miles can a charter bus last?

Charter buses are like any other vehicle on the road. Their stamina depends on the weight of the passengers and baggage as well as the type and size of the bus. We’ll do everything we can to maximize your time on the road, so you can stay on schedule and within budget.

How much does it cost to charter a bus in New Jersey?

Chartering a bus in New Jersey isn’t as expensive as you might assume. The total cost will depend on what kind of trip you are planning to take. The number of passengers will determine the size of the bus you need to charter, and thus, the price.

Prices are typically calculated per day, per mile, or per hour. The ideal way to charter a unit will be different, depending on your group’s needs. Costs on average range from $1200-2400 per day, $120-200 per hour, or $3-6 per mile.

How much does it cost to rent a tour bus for a week in New Jersey?

Renting a tour bus for an entire week in New Jersey may seem prohibitively expensive. However, it’s actually not as expensive as you’d expect. It depends on the size of the unit you need. It also depends on the distance you need to cover, and how long you need it for.

Chartering a minibus or full-sized bus per day can cost on average about $1200 to $2400, driver included. To get a quote, please give us a call and explain what your needs are.

Can I rent a charter bus without a driver in New Jersey?

Certain bus rental providers allow users with the appropriate driving licence to rent units for self-driving. It does open up insurance and liability issues that can complicate rentals, and make them more expensive. At United Coachline, we specialize in providing luxurious, relaxing chartered bus experiences.

Our bus rentals all include the services of professional, highly trained drivers with impeccable safety records. They allow you to enjoy your trip without the stress of being behind the wheel.