July 25, 2019

Church Group Transportation Services



Church activities don't always have to be found in the pew. Church groups are getting engaged with a range of outdoor entertainment and spiritual activities for families and kids. From providing repairs to a community member's home after an accident or going on ski trip with parishioners, you want to have some way to get your group to its destination without worrying about people getting lost on unfamiliar roads or arriving late for the fun events. When you need safe and secure church transportation, let United Coachline offer our bus services.

Group Transportation Services

Our coach buses can accommodate groups of up to 56 churchgoers when traveling throughout the city or across the country. Our company has several bus model lines to select from based on the size of your group and the features you require. Every bus offers luxury seats to make the trip comfortable whether you are going on a short or long trip.

In addition, we can make nonstop trips to the destination as every bus is equipped with restrooms and plenty of overhead storage. So you can plan out cross-country journeys to church retreats, hiking trips or sightseeing trips. Additional features include Wi-Fi, HD televisions, and Bluetooth audio available for the entire trip.

So when you are engaged in longer trips, all of our church members will be entertained during the entire trip. They can watch television, listen to music, or just sleep until we get the destination. By having a great ride, your church group will feel more relaxed and excited when reaching the destination.

Church Transportation for Your Activities

Church groups across the country will go on a range of activities to bring in more churchgoers and to just have fun together. Our charter bus service can be used for any type of event. We can take you to dinner engagements, outdoor recreational events, sporting venues, amusement parks, local fairs, sightseeing tours, conferences and meetings.

Simply tell us your destination, and we will assign a personal agent to work with you. They will discuss your itinerary from pickup to the destination. Then they will ensure that your trip will be a complete success.

Safety and Security During Every Trip

Every driver at United Coachline has undergone an extensive background check. In addition, they are required to engage in drug testing periodically to be able to get behind the wheel of our vehicles. This process provides an enhanced level of trust as every driver knows how to fully operate the coach bus and to follow all safety regulations as well as policies.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing you with reliable and trustworthy services. Your trip matters whether it is just a few short blocks away from your church or in another city. We will treat you with the same compassion and exceptional service as with all of our clients.

Let's Get Your Trip Itinerary Started

Setting up your trip is simple. Simply decide on the pickup point, destination, and the date and time of when you will need church transportation. Then either call our representatives directly or send us your information over our website to receive a free quote. We will get back to you about our available vehicles in our fleet as well as the features they contain.

If you want to proceed with the booking, we will connect you with a personal agent. They will become your single point-of-contact throughout the entire process. They will assign a driver and make transportation arrangements. In addition, our agent will be there for you to the end of the trip. So you can ask questions and voice concerns as they will provide you with the answer and solutions that you need.

Let United Coachline Be Your Transportation Professionals

Ensure that all of your churchgoers reach the outdoor activities, community service events or conferences on time at the same time. United Coachline offers dedicated and secure charter bus transportation services for your entire group. Tell us how many buses you need as our fleet will get to your church or destination spot to take you to your event or special occasion.

Consider our charter bus service whenever you want a large group of people to go to an event and simply don't have enough personal vehicles for everyone to ride in. Also, because of our comfortable interior features, you are rest assured that your older church parishioners who no longer drive will have a great ride that is safe and relaxing.

Contact United Coachline today to get started. Browse through our website to view fleet vehicles, features, and our list of services. Then send us your information to receive a free quote. Trust our drivers to when you need church transportation for everyone in your group.


What to do when you come back from Travelling?

When a church group decides to go on the road, they do some of their most crucial outreach work. The way back home can involve some complicated itinerary logistics, though. Facing that after long journeys and hard work can be asking too much of even the most devoted.

United Coachline provides comprehensive church group transportation services. With United Coachline, you can rest assured that your church group will always make it home after outdoor activities.

What is an itinerary, and what is its purpose?

An itinerary is essentially your master plan for scheduling a trip or transportation of any kind. Itineraries include all the information you need to reach your destination and make it back in one piece. That means departure and arrival times, trip length, refueling stops, routes, etc.

The purpose of an itinerary is to minimize the number of things left up to chance. Many variables are involved in a successful trip. The more things you leave undetermined, the more things can go wrong. Itineraries take the guesswork out of the equation by planning everything out.