October 11, 2015

NYC Bus Rental for Weddings

wedding transportation bus in nyc

Your wedding should be a joyous occasion. The last thing you want to worry about is how all of your guests will get to the events planned for your once in a lifetime day. If you’ve never thought about renting a bus for a wedding, United Coachline has a beautiful fleet, fully equipped to make your wedding a dream, from start to finish.


Our Service | Shuttle Bus Rental For Wedding Day Elegance

Let’s transform your image of a wedding bus. Most people think of buses as transportation that’s less than elegant. Not so with United Coachline. We understand how important your day is for you and your entire guest list. At United, we treat shuttle rental for the wedding as the optimal chance to bring style and convenience to every activity you have planned.

Many of our clients choose locations that mean a great deal to them. Using a wedding bus rental means that you can have all of your guests with you for photo opportunities in your favorite places or simply to travel from the church or ceremony location to the reception hall.

Our fleet of buses are comfortable and well maintained. Guests can have drinks and not worry about driving or paying for someone to drive them to and from events. Their whole experience can be about your day, without the worries over travel. The maximum capacity for each of our buses is 56 passengers.


Some things included in our buses:

  • Comfortable, Luxurious Seating. Guests will be dressed in formal attire and want an environment fitting for the occasion. Each of our buses is well maintained and comfortable for safe, enjoyable transportation.
  • Audio Visual Entertainment. Our fleet is equipped with flat-screen televisions. Treat your guests to a video montage of the happy couple, scenes from your favorite movies.
  • Wi-Fi. No wedding today is complete without the ability to post great photos and status updates to your favorite social media channels. Treat your guests to free Wi-Fi to allow them to easily access the internet during their journey.
  • Overhead Storage. Our line includes roomy overhead compartments so guests can store extra bags, floral arrangements, and purses, allowing for ample room in the seating area.
  • Wall Outlets. Our convenient wall outlets allow guests to charge phones and plug in their favorite devices to recharge during travel time.
  • Onboard Bathroom. Each of our buses has its own onboard bathroom so that guests never have to worry over how long it will be between rest stops.


Wedding-BusesReasons to Choose Wedding Bus Rentals for Your Big Day

Planning your wedding can be a monumental undertaking. Often the locations are limiting because you have a large number of guests. It can be difficult to have the ceremony in one location but the reception in another place. Many of our brides and grooms want their ceremony to take place in a particular setting but that location isn’t optimal for the reception, itself.

A wedding bus allows you to plan your activities according to your dreams for the day, rather than limited by logistics. You don’t need to worry about how guests will arrive in multiple locations and all of your favorite people can be on hand for the photos and activities throughout your experience.

Renting a bus for a wedding means that you can take extravagant photos in multiple locations with your entire wedding party and family members who want to participate. You can have the ceremony and reception in completely separate locations. Your settings are only limited by your own imagination.

Some creative ideas for wedding day activities you might consider:

  • Photos in front of your favorite sports arena.
  • A full wedding spread from one of the many lovely parks in the area.
  • A trip to your favorite landmark location.
  • A trip to where the couple met, had their first date or got engaged.

Choose the perfect location for your ceremony and waste no time in getting to your reception, even if it’s way across town. A wedding bus is a perfect way to move all of your guests, so they have more time to enjoy each other and your day.


United Coachline Wedding Bus Rentals New York City

At United Coachline, we specialize in creating the perfect environment for your event. We believe that traveling time should be as enjoyable as the rest of your day.

We’re happy to work with couples to plan their ideal route, help with location details, and work directly with your wedding planners. At United Coachline, our goal is to make the entire event enjoyable, from start to finish. That means catering to your travel needs and providing a safe, luxurious environment for all of your friends and family.

You’ll find that the travel time gives guests the opportunity to mingle and have a little extra fun between venues, making the main event even more special.


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